Dating Mature Women - How to Date a Cougar
By Michael Bak

Interested in dating mature women? There are several benefits to dating a hot cougar: she knows what she's doing, the relationship is usually non-committal, and most are divorced and rich. Now, you might be thinking, "where the heck am I suppose to find these cougars? How do I get good at dating mature women? No worries, it's actually WAY easier than you think.

You Don't Need to Be Mr. Social

Going out and trying to find a hot mature woman is tough. It's difficult to find one bar that's infested with cougars. Even if you do, approaching and chatting them up can take a lot of work. Especially if you're a shy guy in general. Solution: Online dating. There's special dating sites that are ONLY for "cougars" and "cubs". The women no these sites are obviously looking and it's much easier to meet lots of girls in minimal time. The best thing is that most of them are free to join (you can upgrade later if you want).

Other Options

If you are more confident in yourself and outgoing, you can try approaching cougars. The best place to pick up hot moms are: malls, bookstores, exclusive bars, and grocery stores. The mall is a huge one. If you live in a major city there are tons of malls with hot older women walking around. Next time you go shopping and you see a hot cougar, just approach her and say hi. You'll be able to tell right away if she's receptive to you or not. If she engages you back and smiles, this means she likes you and it's on! Get her number.

When you go out: Smell nice, and dress relatively well. Don't wait for the cougars to approach you because lots of times they are waiting on YOU to make the first move. I suggest meeting older women using both approaches: online and in person. See what works best for you.

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