A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Dating Mature Old Women
By Sam T Smith

Whenever you're trying to build a connection and start dating mature women, you'll most likely need to build an emotional connection before you even think about getting physical with them.

Women are very emotional beings, and, unlike guys, they won't feel physically attracted to someone they don't have an emotional connection with, so...

How Do You Build a Physical Connection?

Well, this obviously varies from woman to woman, but the one thing you're going to need is... a sensitive side of yourself.

I mean, if you can't talk about your feelings and fail to take other people's feelings seriously, it's going to be hard for that girl to see that she's going to be able to rely on you emotionally.

If she tries opening up to you in any way, and you suddenly start acting awkward, she's going to shut down.

If you try to change the subject immediately, that's just as bad.

There can also be some mild teasing, just enough to keep her on her toes, but joking around too much will make her think you don't take her seriously.

If you're not careful, you could actually hurt her feelings by seeming to laugh at her when she feels vulnerable.

That would make you seem like a serious jerk and when you're dating mature women, you have to remember that they might not appreciate it.

Women are invested in feelings, so why would they begin to even waste their time on a guy who can't talk about them?

What's The Big Deal About Feelings?

Maybe this isn't something you really can understand or relate to. You're not a woman, after all. What on earth is the big deal about talking about feelings so much?

Well, for women, being able to talk to men about their feelings and having the men be able to talk to them as well is a sign of trust.

They feel safer. They feel you're not just some guy who sees them as just a pretty face or a chance to score.

They like that.

They feel like you're more mature. You're enough of a man to know that talking about your emotions - within reason - doesn't make you weak.

What if you don't like to talk about feelings and emotions especially if you're dating mature ladies?

Some Guys Are Like That.

They just have the hardest time talking about what they feel.

They're fine discussing what's on the outside, but they don't like to open up and let other people peek in, if you know what I mean.

Well, if you have that particular problem, I encourage you to do everything you can to get over it.

The easiest way to do that is to just realize that if you do end up spending a lot of time with that girl, it's probably good that she knows how you feel about things, and if that first meeting doesn't work out, then... who cares?

Also, what might help you come to terms with this whole thing is the fact that you really don't need to pour yourself out to her. In fact, you shouldn't do it, because from there it's very easy to end up in the friend zone, which is the last thing you want.

It's OK to open up just enough for her to see that there's a sensitive side to you... and move on.

For instance, you're sitting together. You just met, but it's going good and you're talking about her family. She tells you that she has two brothers and a sister and that she used to have a ton of fun with them.

What you can do is tell her that you have a little sister yourself that you love to take care of even though she's actually grown up now. For you she's still your little sister.

This does two things actually:

It shows her that you're sensitive and you love your family. It also lets her know that you have a natural desire to take care of women in your life, which...

...Is A Great Thing.

Notice how you didn't really go deep into your feelings. Just enough for her to know you're not just muscles and as you know mature women is definitely not about muscles.

If you never talk about your feelings again during that meeting, that'll be enough to make sure she's interested in you.

Over-sharing can be a huge turn off. Don't forget that.

You'll see it on her face if you go too far into that territory. It's like the brakes were slammed all of a sudden.

It's true that some women will want to play therapist - or worse, mom - to you and want to fix all of your problems, but most women will find it lame and a little creepy that you're going so far. You've met this girl, you're trying to take it further, and all of a sudden she's got you basically sobbing onto her shoulder.

You'd definitely take a step back if she started doing that to you, right? You'd think that the girl has issues.

She'll do the same thing, and you'll be out of the picture so fast it will make your head spin.

Tenderness Will Work For You.

Be tender with a woman, though. Just keep your head on your shoulders when you do that.

Of course, they want confident guys that are maybe even a little cocky, but... they also want someone who'll hug them and tell them everything will be fine when the time is right.

They want a guy who can come to them and maybe talk about their day even if it wasn't very good. They want to feel like you trust them. Pay attention to them and read the signals for when they want to open up and see that other side to you.

Once you've broken that barrier and when that connection is made, then you can move into the physical side of things.

Be careful here, however. If what you're looking for is strictly physical, or you're not sure how far you want to take things with this particular girl, don't make the connection too deep. Keep it fairly light. Keep yourself mysterious as much as possible.

You want her interested, hungry for more, but you don't want her thinking you're her white knight that she's been waiting for all of her life, at least not yet.

Later on you can decide how deep you want the connection to be. It will develop naturally if it's meant to happen. Don't force it too much. You don't want to make yourself uncomfortable or let her know what you're trying to do. She might know you have an ulterior motive, maybe, but you don't want to be so obvious that she can't tune it out.

Long story short, you want her to see a good guy. A guy who will respect her, listen to her, and let her have a little peek at his inner life. She doesn't want some guy who is all about business and getting down.

If she sees you're going to take care of her well, then you're doing fine. You're that much closer to having that physical connection. You should never neglect the emotional connection, though, especially if you're dating mature people who tend to be very experienced with men.

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