How to Successfully Meet and Date Latinas
By Orlando Candela

So you want to meet Latinas, ah, international love? Beautiful, stunning smiles, sensual, exotic, flirtatious, curves for days- different than all other girls you've ever fallen for, right? And you've maybe tried your hand at flirting, but it just doesn't seem to work. You get that friendly smile, nothing more, then they politely exit. Does that about describe how you feel?

The lure of Latin women is enough to make any poor man's heart uncontrollably pound like a drum, but remember women value comfort and safety first and since you are from a different culture they will be even more cautious at first. So unless you really care to know more about their culture AND individual personality you will keep receiving many fake smiles and turned backs. Gawking over outward beauty will result in much failure. Latin Americans are extremely proud of their culture and if you do not show an interest to learn about it you will most like fail. So yes it is important to know what to say and do, but first it's important to find out more of who she is and where she came from.

What Makes Them Latin American
Latin Americans in general love their music, love their language, love their food, love interacting with other people, love family, love interesting conversation, love to dance and have a deep affection for their specific country's unique identity.

So where do you fit into all this? "I don't like to dance, don't like long conversations, not even sure if I like Salsa music," is what you might be thinking, right?" That's fine, you don't have to, in fact, some of the music, food and other things may grow on you over time, but you must acknowledge their values, accept them and respect them. But what can you offer? What is your competitive edge- your unique advantage? It starts with knowing your value, how you can stand out from everyone.

How You Can Stand Out with Latin Women
Realize that you are exotic to her too, but she could be apprehensive if she thinks your intentions are bad. Simply by going the extra mile to show interest in who she is as a person demonstrates ultimate respect and draws attention to you. It makes you different. Play your cards right and she will think, "Wow, a lot of American guys compliment my looks, but not many take the extra time to know what matters most to me. I want to meet someone who cares about who I am. This guy is unique and he's got me curious now." Now you've got her thinking about you in a positive way. Do you think she is tired of the same old compliments about her body, face, etc? In her mind chances are that if you worship her beauty you also do the same for all the other girls. How does that make her unique?

So what should you know? Where should you begin? Should you learn Spanish? Here are some of the basics to take you far.

Feel and Show A Genuine Interest in Latin Culture: What makes her be her?
Find the answers to these questions.

  • What are her favorite Spanish music genres? Which groups does she like? Where are they from?
  • What interesting places does her country have? What landmarks or icons make her country unique?
  • What is the food like from her country? What are some dishes?
  • Showing genuine interest to learn Spanish, even basic expressions and words proves you care about the Latin American people and their culture. It makes you an ambassador. Someone that steps out of their comfort zone to make a positive connection with other people.

By simply asking these questions she already sets you apart from everyone else.This is the mindset you need before being serious about dating Latin women.

Dating women from another culture is very exciting and fun. How sexy is it to listen to her cute Spanish accent and gaze into those big brown Latin eyes? Very. People from other cultures may be apprehensive to meet someone from somewhere else they do not understand. Make them comfortable and bridge that gap by taking the first step to know their culture and what they value about themselves.