How To Meet Black Women
By Joel Gray

Black women are reputable for their strength, their beauty, sexy kissable lips, and their curvaceous bodies that a number of men find captivating. Mainstream media inaccurately stereotypes black women. For example, many people think that they snap their fingers when they talk, they chew gum incessantly, and gossip about everybody. The media might paint them as shallow materialistic beings and other incorrect and unpleasant stereotypes but this does not paint the true picture of a beautiful black women.

This makes quite a few men fear approaching a black woman in case she reacts obnoxiously because he is not a famous rapper, athlete or a Denzel Washington. This image is falsely drawn and entirely misleading, because you will find a very large number of black women, both young and old, who are profoundly wise, beautiful, independent, and have strict cultural values, have a strong sense of self, and many other strong characteristics.


Black women love a man who treats them with respect, not a creep who will sneak at any chance he gets and tiptoe to another female's house for extra-curricular activities.

So, how will she know you have the intentions to respect her?

Well it will mostly show in your approach, among many other things.

It's Time To Make Your Move

When you approach a black woman, the best way to incorporate the respect aspect is by asking for her opinion or some advice. You can do this in a number of different situations. For example at the supermarket, obviously you will be in the same department, you can get close to her in a friendly manner and get her attention then proceed with a humble query, such as if she can give you simple and basic recipe for a meal using an ingredient that you name. If you are in a shopping mall trying to get some new garments, then you can ask her for an opinion on the type of clothing you are thinking of purchasing

On Your Toes

When you are interacting with her, seeking her advice and opinion, you need to observe three main things. One will be her overall body language, and another one will be her the way she gives you advice, i.e. she will either drag her responses or she will give you quick and short replies. Lastly, you need to watch for eye contact.

In short, an amiable body language coupled with constant eye contact and lengthy responses usually means that she is definitely into you and she is just trying to drag the time so she can infuse your presence and image into her mind and also give you chance to ask for contact details and get in touch with her at a later point.

If however, she gives you quick and short responses and she doesn't want to directly face you and engage eye contact, usually this means that she has more important things to do, which excludes you. That's when you move on to the next.

Black women are very witty, therefore, from day one you will be locked in a battle of wits. So, you have to be quick on your feet to dance with them in the ring. They can be very loyal to their type of man, which is one who fulfills their needs. They will give you an incomparable experience. Whether it is in companionship or behind closed doors, no one can match their skills.

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