African American Speed Dating - How to Attract Hot Black Women and Make Them Desire You!
By Linda Hilton

I am going to explain how you can become an African American speed dating hero and make hot black women desire you. This advice is not specific to African American speed dating, you can use it for dating in general.

To make a black women desire you, you need to capture her attention straight off the bat. Basically you need to make an instant impression. However a lot of people get intimidated by the thought of failing.

If you follow these tips closely you will get more confidence. Not just that, you will start to feel comfortable with black singles speed dating, are you with me?

The First Impression

As I briefly explained, you need to make a big first impression. Even if you are using black dating sites that are free, you still need to make a great first impression.

So how do you do it? Well you need to make her laugh, this is the key to breaking the ice perfectly. Women love to laugh. Even if you are not the best looking guy, you can win the African American speed dating game with this alone.

You see the average guy will try and impress a women with their wallet, are you with me? Hot black women want a genuine guy, not a bank balance!

Make Her Feel Special

While you are involved in black singles speed dating you have to be fast. After you make her laugh you need to move on to the next winning move. You need to make here feel special. Tell her she is the best one you have seen, and compliment her. Also make sure you tell her she is looking sexy.

These are very quick and subtle tips that will give you great results. If you do them correctly you will be more confident, attract hot black women and make them desire you.

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