Dating BBW Sites - What Men Need to Know About Flirting Online
By Erin G Kelly

Dating BBW sites are growing in popularity by the day and for a good reason. The world is waking up to the fact that there are millions of men who are interested in finding a woman who they can feel comfortable with and who might not be judgmental of them. So men have fun online and to guarantee that you have a successful online experience follow these tips for flirting without fear of rejection.

Dating BBW Sites

1. Let her know you read her profile. A woman wants to know that you are interested in her so read her profile so you can talk about something specific with her. If you open your initial message with something unique to her such as, "Hello from a fellow dog lover!" you just boosted your chance of starting a relationship by 100%

2. Flirt from general to specific. The art of successful flirting online starts with the compliment but be sure to not throw out too much too fast or you will scare her away. Make your first compliment something about her life such as, "how cool that you like the Dave Matthew's Band" and then as your relationship progresses you can compliment how great she looks, "Have I told you how absolutely gorgeous you are?"

3. Be honest. There is a tendency to want to exaggerate when you first meet a desirable BBW online but if you do you will be in for a headache down the road. Resist the urge to inflate your job or social status and if you send a photo of yourself make it recent - over 9 months old is too old.

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